Historics at Brooklands | 26-Nov-2016 | Historics at Brooklands November Sale | Venue : Brooklands Museum
Category : Classic Cars
Lot No. : 187
Year : 1966
Engine Size : See Description
Transmission : manual
Registration No. : HKT 25D
Chassis No. : SFM6S1555
Engine No. : M6S1555
No longer available - Sold or withdrawn from sale


Released in April 1964, Ford Mustang sales figures were nothing
short of incredible with nearly one million units sold in the first
eighteen months of production. Thanks to his successes with the
Ford-powered 1963-1964 Shelby Cobra, Texan farmer and seasoned
racing driver Carroll Shelby was the obvious man to be entrusted
with turning a stock Mustang into a successful challenger that
could be entered into the Sports Car Championship of America (SCCA)
and take on the might of the General Motors Chevrolet
Corvette.  Soon after, development of the car was under way at
Shelby's Marina del Rey facility in Los Angeles, California.
Unveiled in January 1965 at a basic price of $4,547 and based on a
Mustang Fastback, the Shelby GT350 was effectively a stiff, loud
and fast road-legal race car. Under the hood lurked a 289cu.in. V8
producing 306bhp and the suspension and brakes were extensively
modified. The 1966 GT350 gained Plexiglas rear windows instead of
vents, side scoops for improved rear brake cooling and a thin bar
grille. These changes translated into numerous successes on the
race track and the legendary Shelby GT350 was born.

Never has the 'marriage' between a car rental company and a
manufacturer yielded such fruitful results as it did between Hertz
and Shelby with the inception of the Shelby Mustang GT350 H. In a
clever marketing move in 1966, Hertz initially ordered 100 models
and requested that it be named the GT350 H; 'H' standing for Hertz,
with a few minor tweaks for their rentals customers. Delivered in
Raven Black with Bronze Powder Gold stripes, the order was
increased to 200 cars and, by the end of that year, 1000 cars were
produced in total. It is believed that 800 or so cars were
delivered in the black/gold colour scheme whilst the remaining 200
were built in Wimbledon White, Sapphire Blue, Ivy Green and Candy
Apple Red. By the end of 1966, the Shelby GT350 H was available at
over 50 Hertz airport rental locations across the United States
where customers could hire one for the nominal sum of $17 per day.
Many of these cars were rented for weekend use on drag strips and
race tracks and so the term 'Rent-a-Racer' was coined.

This particular GT, bearing chassis number #1555, is presented in
the classic Hertz colours of Raven Black and Bronze Powder
Gold.  According to the SAAC Shelby Registry, on which this
car features, it was delivered to Hertz via Larsen Ford Inc. on
31st March 1966 and originally featured an automatic gearbox;
however it has since been upgraded to a four-speed manual Toploader
unit. After Hertz ownership, the car was sold to a Lacy Levone of
Wilson, North Carolina, followed by another two owners in the U.S.
In 1992, the car was purchased by a Dutch collector and remained
with him before ownership passed to another collector in Holland
who used the car for classic regulation rallies such as the Rally
de Paris and the Vogezen Classic.

This original GT350 H is not believed to have ever been restored,
although it has most likely been painted in its lifetime and boasts
a wonderful patina rarely seen on these cars.  Verified and
authenticated by the Shelby register, this rare car represents an
opportunity to own a slice of American motoring folklore. This
Mustang would deservedly take pride of place in any collection,
especially one belonging to those truly fond of the original Muscle
For sale by auction on Saturday 26 November 2016 with Historics at Brooklands, Brooklands Motor Racing Circuit, Weybridge, Surrey, Call 01753 639170