Theodore Bruce Auctions | 22-Oct-2016 | THE MOTORCLASSICA AUCTION 2016 | Venue : Royal Exhibition Building 9, Nicholson Street, Carlton, Victoria
Category : Classic Cars
Lot No. : 42
Year : -
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Lot 42
Jaydee Atom 600
This car originated in the UK as an Ariel Atom 2 with the 245bhp Honda Type R motor. It was purchased in 2004 by Open Wheeler Imports, who were Ariel's agent in New Zealand and Australia. It was at the NZ Auckland motor show in 2004 and was used for customer demonstrations in NZ at Pukekohe race track.
After 3000klms of testing and data logging using the Motec ADL2 with the Pro software, a new 10' longer wheelbase chassis was designed and built. Better weight distribution, improved roll centers, improved and strengthened suspension design were all achieved with stability improved. Cornering is now over 1.2G on a windy road without being silly, without wings.
Drive ability is made possible with comphrensive Traction Control, and Flat shift all programmed to suit the car.
The engine development includes the addition of closed loop knock control and variable boost control. Boost is tune able with the gear, lateral 'g' loading and by the driver. Engine, drive train and supercharger combinations give the capability of up to 750bhp, with a sequential 6 speed gearbox.
Estimate $ 110,000-200,000