Category : Classic Cars
Year : 1967
Engine Size : 5.0 Liter Coyote V8
Mileage (miles / km) : 273 Miles
Colour : Lamborghini Reventon Gray
Interior : Black
No longer available - Sold or withdrawn from sale
RKM Built Mustang GT Pro Touring EFI 5.0L Coyote V8 6 Speed Detroit Speed A/C

5.0 liter Ford Performance Coyote Aluminator V8
Detroit Speed suspension
18-inch Forgeline RB3C wheels
Built by RKM Performance Center

Tremec T56 Magnum 6-speed manual transmission
Detroit Speed power rack-and-pinion steering
Customized body / Custom paint

Moser 9-inch rear axle / Moser Trac-Loc differential / 3.55 gears
Baer 4-wheel disc brakes
Full custom interior with air conditioning


Built by RKM Performance Center in 2014
Customized body / Lamborghini Reventon Grey paint / Custom-tint bronze stripes / Flat clear
Customized interior / SCAT PROCAR seats / Air conditioning
5.0 liter Ford Performance Coyote Aluminator V8 / 412 horsepower
Tremec T56 Magnum 6-speed manual transmission / Centerforce dual-disc hydraulic clutch
Moser 9-inch rear axle / Moser Trac-Loc differential / 3.55 gears
Detroit Speed Aluma-Frame front suspension / Detroit Speed QUADRALink rear suspension
Detroit Speed power rack-and-pinion steering
Baer 4-wheel disc brakes
18-inch Forgeline RB3C wheels

If you’re a car guy, you already know the folks at RKM Performance Center are capable of creating amazing machines. But you probably don’t realize the extent to which those machines are built. In what amounts to sourcing a car and completely rethinking every aspect of its performance and appearance, the highly skilled talent at RKMPC can create a classic that feels just as comfortable, performs just as well and looks twice as nice as any showroom new equivalent. And that’s exactly what happened with this insane Mustang pro-tourer. Born from vintage appeal and broad aftermarket support, this crisp fastback is a virtual tour de force of proven mechanicals. And with a clean body that’s dropped on a custom suspension, fitted with a streamlined interior and bolted to a hot Coyote mod motor, it’s the kind of killer classic that makes factory-fresh ponies shake in their run-flats. If you’re shopping for some fully sorted muscle that puts a modern twist on an old school favorite, you’re looking at your next car!


The beneficiary of a professional, frame-off restoration that, aside from driving to photo shoots, has barely seen any time outside of a building, this monochromatic Mustang features a seamless custom appearance that’s highlighted by a unique flood of tinted 2-stage pigment. The foundation for that pigment began with new floors, progressed to new quarters and ended at a fresh firewall. Outside that firewall, a new hood and fresh fenders flow into a new driver’s door and fresh rear valance. And naturally, great care was taken to ensure every one of those panels is aligned to better-than-factory standards. Once the car’s profile was clean and solid, a smooth coat of PPG Lamborghini Reventon Grey base was garnished with custom-tint bronze race stripes and sealed in flat clear. That uncommon paintwork highlights the car’s timeless lines with a brand of precision and clarity that’s just not present on most traditional builds. And it all adds up to one very well done pro-tourer that’s finished to exacting specifications thanks to a great combination of skilled workmanship and first-rate detailing.

On the sacred tree of hot rodding, pro-touring foliage, along with its pro-street brethren, often receives the brightest light. That means high end, high profile cars must have exceptional looks to back up their big claims. And nowhere is that dedicated attention to aesthetics more prevalent than this Mustang’s top-notch tailoring. At the leading edge of the car, a Shelby R-code valance hangs clear parking lamps beneath a custom-fabricated grille and familiar halogen headlights. At the top of that grille, a functional hood centers small heat extractors in front of body-matched stainless, factory-tint glass and shaved drip rails. At the base of that glass, a selectively shaved profile anchors color-keyed door handles and a small mirror above correct fender gills and trimmed and rolled wheel openings. And behind those gills, correct quarter louvers lead the eye to a custom steel spoiler that frames fresh taillights, a monochromatic fuel filler, a custom roll pan, and a sectioned, narrowed and smoothed bumper.


That impressive combination of bronze-tint pigment and one off trim certainly is pretty, but now it’s time to get serious. Hoist this coupe’s snug fitting hood and you’ll find a 5.0 liter, DOHC ‘mod motor’ that, according to Ford Performance, pairs more than 412 horsepower with 400 lb./ft. of pavement-slaying torque! Officially named ‘Coyote Aluminator’, and not far removed from the engine that powers the current Mustang GT, this state-of-the-art rocket utilizes a forged crank, Boss 302 springs, Grafal-coated Mahle pistons, Manley H-beam rods, ARP bolts and Boss 302 bearings to create stout 11 to 1 compression. At the top of the aluminum mill, a new Spectre filter element caps a color-keyed, custom-fabricated air tube, which feeds an 80mm Ford throttle body and tuned Mustang intake. At the sides of the block, stainless Detroit Speed headers, engineered to perfectly fit the car’s Detroit Speed Aluma-Frame front clip, scoot spent gases through aluminized pipes, stainless-cased Borla S-Type mufflers and a custom, Lamborghini-inspired tip. At the front of the engine, a factory-spec serpentine system spins a 100-amp Roush alternator. An oversize Fluidyne radiator rides between a 16-inch SPAL puller fan and a snazzy aluminum overflow tank. A Ford Racing stand-alone computer works with a Ford Racing tune to ensure everything communicates well. And components, like an Aeromotive fuel regulator, a spry Roush mini starter, a deep-sump oil pan and an Aeroflow remote oil filter, sort out all the details. When it comes to looks, the svelte powerplant is extremely tidy, with color-keyed cam covers and a Ford Performance cowl concealing most of its factory silver block. And the car’s super clean engine bay swaps traditional shock towers for custom-fabricated inner fenders.


Take a look under this wicked ‘stang and you’ll find a fully detailed chassis that mixes new age technology with old school durability. The modern motor spins power to a new Tremec T56 Magnum 6-speed that’s wrapped in a high quality QuickTime bellhousing. That gearbox utilizes a Centerforce dual-disc hydraulic clutch to twist torque through a heavy-duty driveshaft and 1350 series U-joints. Those joints command a heavy duty Moser 9-inch that’s equipped with a Moser Trac-Loc differential, fun, 3.55 gears and Moser 31-spline axles. And that pumpkin spins 18-inch Forgeline RB3Cs, which trail two 275/35 Michelin Pilot Sports with two 335/30 Michelin Pilot Sports. Forged aluminum units that feature 3-piece construction and directional spokes, those bronze kicks wrap tough Heli-Coil inserts in stainless ARP bolts and heat-treated rims. And naturally, that world-class rolling stock is some of Michelin’s finest Z-rated rubber.


Speaking of world-class, this pony fits in at any party, with a thoroughly modified suspension that’s every bit as well finished as the car’s first-rate exterior. At the front of the stellar drivetrain, the aforementioned Detroit Speed Aluma-Frame makes good use of a beefy Detroit Speed sway bar and adjustable JRi coil-overs. Opposite that front-clip, a Detroit Speed QUADRALink features a second Detroit Speed sway bar and two more JRi coil-overs. Turns come courtesy of Detroit Speed power rack-and-pinion steering. Stops are provided by 6-piston Baer calipers, which utilize a familiar Wilwood proportioning valve to squeeze 14-inch drilled and slotted rotors. That impressive roster of hardware is complemented by equally impressive ancillaries, including: a remote power steering cooler, Detroit Speed wheel tubs, integrated subframe connectors and a 16-gallon Detroit Speed fuel tank. And overall, this Ford rides and handles every bit as good as it looks: ready to seek and destroy!


Behind this Mustang’s solid-closing doors you’ll find a conservative interior that’s equal parts form and function. At the front of the car, a familiar dash anchors a digital tachometer between a subtle “MUSTANG” script and stylish Classic Instruments Auto Cross telemetry that’s finished with Sky Drive GPS speed monitoring. Below those seats, new carpet centers a curved shifter and tough floor mats on thick Dynamat Dynaliner. At the sides of that carpet, factory-spec door panels twist color-keyed handles inside factory-spec stainless. Above those panels, a vinyl headliner frames a fully welded, 4-point roll bar that’s constructed of .120 DOM tubing. In front of the driver, a leather-wrapped Budnik steering wheel laps a tilting Ididit column. Keeping cabin temperatures comfortable is an aftermarket air conditioning system, and behind the passengers, a clean trunk hides the car’s relocated battery.


A stack of build receipts

Sometimes the best cars are the ones that speak softly. No blower sticking through the hood, no stall-inducing idle and no wild graphics. Just a clean, solid, well-constructed classic that was purpose-built to look great and kick asphalt. With its timeless style, excellent performance and modern athleticism, this slick pro-tourer is an absolute blast to drive and instantly admired wherever it goes. Don’t miss your chance to own a powerful, well-sorted performer that’s as cool today as it was 48 years ago!