Category : Classic Cars
Year : 1957
Engine Size : 4.9 L
Transmission : Automatic
Mileage (miles / km) : 15426
Colour : Black
Interior : Brown rear, Beige front
Chassis No. : LGLW3
Engine No. : L3G
No longer available - Sold or withdrawn from sale


This 1957 Silver Wraith is a 7-passenger Limousine by Park Ward. A Limousine is a very spacious coach with the rear seats far backwards, regulalry above the rear axle. This Limousine has a center division, and two occasional seats that are stowed away in the division. Special in this Limousine is that the occasional seats have been designed as bench seats. They are very suitable for two, or even three children, totaling the number of occupants of this car to eight persons. Very special in this limousine is the use of different hide colours in the rear and the front compartment. The body number of this Park Ward Limousine is L528 and the design number is 704. The engine is a 4887 cc straight six with an automatic gearbox.

This left hand drive Limousine was delivered new in December 1957 to “H.M. Foreign Office” and has been used by the Duth ambassador in New York. Later owners come from the USA as well. In 1985 this car was owned by Mr David C. Herriman from Covington, Kentucky. Herriman was the owner of multiple restaurants and he bought, sold and rented (furnished) apartments in the Covington area. In the years 1987-2007 the car was owned by Vincent J. Lesunaitis from Hamden, Connecticut, USA. Dr Vincent J. Lesunaitis is an orthopedic surgeon in Hamden and is affiliated with several hospitals in the area, like the hospital of Saint Raphael and the Yale-New Haven Hospital.

This Silver Wraith Limousine is in a very good, original condition. A major service has been performed with the following proceedings. Oil and oil filter were replaced, the gearbox filter was cleaned and oil replaced, power steering oil and filter replaced, the spark plugs replaced, the front supporting arm rubbers (tennis ball) replaced, the brake hoses replaced, servo lining and seal ring replaced, engine sump gasket and gearbox sump gasket replaced, Rocker-cover gaskets on top and side replaced, valve stem seals replaced, valves adjusted and compression measured, exhaust manifold seals replaced, contact-breaker points replaced, V-belt replaced, shock absorber seal replaced, complete exhaust replaced, exhaust rubbers replaced, exhaust gaskets replaced, two universal joints drive shaft replaced, stabiliser bar rubbers replaced, gearbox rubbers replaced, tyres balanced, brake fluid replaced, brakes bleeded and adjusted, shock absorbers filled up, coolant replaced.