Category : Classic Cars
Year : 1952
Engine Size : 4257 cc
Transmission : Manual
Mileage (miles / km) : 46751
Colour : Black and Grey
Interior : Blakc and Grey
Chassis No. : WSG31
Engine No. : W30G
No longer available - Sold or withdrawn from sale


Coachbuilder H.J. Mulliner was very experienced with building good quality Sedanca de Ville bodies. They built ten Silver Wraiths with a Sedanca de Ville body of design 7153, this #WSG31 being one of the last examples. It is provided with the 4566 cc six-cylinder-in-line “big bore” engine, which gives the car a good amount of power. Some striking features are the classic P100 lamps, the pleasing two-tone black and grey paint scheme and the Kneeling lady.
First owner of this Sedanca de Ville was Mr. E.V. Harris, who took deliverey of his car in September 1952.
This Silver Wraith is in good condition throughout, almost in restored condition. The woodwork has been completely restored, the body has been repainted and the upholstery has been completely replaced (but not yet completely fitted). Technically a lot of work has been done. A major service has been performed, the engine was cleaned at the inside, the lower supporting arm rubbers were replaced, the master brake cylinder and front brake cylinders were overhauled, the brake hoses were replaced, the servo was overhauled, the oil supply hose on the gearbox for the rear shock-absorbers were replaced, the spring pads were replaced, the equaliser was overhauled and the petrol hose, valve seals, distributor cap and rotor were replaced. Other renewed parts are: main beam switch, rear lubrication hose, thermostat, tyres, battery, 2 ignition coils, the rear exhaust pipe, a set spring gaiters, pedal pads, all parts in the overhauled items and many small parts that are mentioned in the parts list. This car is not yet completely finished but can be bought in the way it is, or appointments can be made to partly or completely finish it. Naturally the car is running well and can be driven.