Category : Classic Motorcycles
Year : 1979
Engine Size : 950
Colour : Red/Green
Chassis No. : 860 089901
Engine No. : DM860 088982
NCR950 Factory endurance


This motorcycle which Ducati-Factory prepared for Mike Hailwood and his participation in the Isle of Man classic TT was made in 1979.
For Mike and George Forgaty, however, it was hard to run by a test in a Mallory Park and a practice in the TT Classic. In fact, Mike recorded only 89.97 mile/h in a practice run.
In consequence, the bike started with George in the TT classic, instead of Mike.
In that race, he was fallen down intensely at Signpost Corner (We heard this from Rino Caracchi in 2001). After that, the bike returned to Italy by Ducati, from the donation by Franco Farne and Rino.
The mark on head pipe in Navy and yellow-gold color would be a verification of MOT in the Classic TT.
When we got the bike, it had an extremely long front- fork, a quite hard suspension, and an angled handle which was used for the TT-1 in 1978.
A fork inner tube and the original handle would be buckled, because of an accident in the classic TT, by George.
Originally, it had a front folk, 600 mm in length, with an overhang of 35 mm and a handle with 20deg angle which was made in 1979.
Now, the bike has an original handlebars, but a grounding of front tyre is bad, as we mentioned above. Because a top york had an engraved mark of #2, it would be converted.
A front wheel would also be from some one of #1, #3, or #5. In a green color at the lower left of a petrol tank, it has a repair by brush painting for a fixation of crazing in an accident of the classic TT.
Rino had an overhaul the engine by himself. Otherwise, whole parts including a shield and painting are genuine. In a front fairing, there is a handwriting signature "Mike Hailwood". After such repairing and restoration by Ducati, the bike moved to a garage of G-Carniel, the Vald'oise Competition, France.
It would be displayed in a showroom of the Vald'oise Competition, as the most featuring motorcycle. At that time, Ducati gave the Vald'ois e Competition due respect, because they had a vigorous race activity. Actually, they organized a race competition on a chartered NCR. We can see a picture of her arrival at France in 1981, on the book written by Ian Faloon; we also confirmed this by Ian, directly. Because G-Carniel and his wife had a close friendship with Mike and Pauline(Mike's wife), and Mike had gone in an accident of 1981, G-Carniel inherited it. After passing away of Carniel, the bike moved to the Collezione-Giappone and stocked in our garage from 90's.

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