1990 PORSCHE 962C
Category : Competition Cars
Year : 1990
Engine Size : -
Transmission : -
Chassis No. : 962-170
No longer available - Sold or withdrawn from sale


1990 Porsche 962C Team Trust

VIN:  962-170

Team Trust
One of the Last Porsche Factory 962s Built
Prototype High Downforce Bodywork
The turbo 3.2 liter motor is of the latest and last Porsche factory 962 specification

Ordered by the Japanese racing team, Trust, 962-170 was constructed by Porsche as a complete rolling chassis, built by the factory to FIA World Sportscar Championship configuration. After its completion in December of 1990 it was sent to Japan in early 1991. The motor, 956 358, was sent on separately as it cost considerably less with regards to customs duty for importation. This was and still is a common practice. Motor 956 358 was a new turbo 3.2 liter 962 motor in latest and last Porsche factory specification.

962-170 was used by the Trust team for testing only and has very few hours of track time. Since it was a test car and not subject to the rigors of racing it was not modified or damaged in any way. Because of this 962-170 is the most original, period correct 962 in the world today.

This car has undergone a complete restoration and race preparation by Canepa. It is fully sorted, track tested and race ready. It is absolutely stunning, equally at home on the race track or in a museum. Nothing was over looked in the restoration of this car. It is as close as you can get to a brand new 962.

This car is eligible for the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion and other historic events worldwide, and has a current HMSA log book.

Canepa Restoration

Remove bodywork, undertray and side pods
Remove suspension, engine, transmission, oil coolers, radiators, hoses, fire system, seat, seat belts, fuel cell, windshield and top of dash.


Inspect bare tub
No issues tub is in BRAND NEW condition.
Clean and detail tub
Wiring harness inspected, tested, and cleaned
Install radiators and oil coolers on tub
New fuel lines installed using original factory fittings
New oil lines installed using original factory fittings


Fit body to tub
Make all door gaps and panel seams consistent width
Inspect undertray and refinish
Refinish inside of body panels
Paint body in proper period correct colors
Apply all period correct graphics and stripes to body, windshield and wing
Apply Clear Guard rock protection
Fabricate new headlight covers and install
Fabricate new side windows and install
Install all lights
Install undertray and side pods
Install body on car
Purchase new seat belts and installed
Re-charge fire system
Clean all instruments, and switches
Clean and install original dash top
Suspension, brakes and wheels
Crack check all suspension components
Install new wheel bearings
Inspect all hardware and replace with new where needed
Refinish all remaining hardware for correct factory finishes
Rebuild front and rear brake calipers
Install new brake hoses
Rebuild brake and clutch master cylinders
Refinish original factory wheels


Engine had very few hours of use, totally factory original
Engine removed from car
Inspect engine and perform leak down test, engine in excellent condition
Inspect fuel injection system
Clean all injectors and test
Rebuilt turbos
Rebuilt wastegates
Install new plugs and plug wires
Service engine management computer and install new internal battery
Clean and detail engine
Install engine in car


Disassemble transmission and inspect all gears, ring and pinion and bearings
Replace bearings where needed
Fit proper gears ratios for Laguna Seca
Remove spool and install limited slip differential
Clean and detail case
Assemble transmission with new seals and gaskets
Install transmission in car
Inspect and service rear half shafts and CV joints

Race Preparation and Track Testing

Replace all fluids
Bleed Brakes
Perform full 4-wheel suspension alignment including corner weights
Install new springs with rates optimized for American road cources
Re-valve shocks for new spring rates
Front sus