1982 PORSCHE 935
Category : Competition Cars
Year : 1982
Engine Size : -
Transmission : -
Chassis No. : 935-LT1
No longer available - Sold or withdrawn from sale


1982 Porsche 935 Bob Akin Coca Cola Le Mans
VIN: 935-LT1

Bob Akin's 1982 Le Mans Super GTP 935
Fully Restored
Eligible to compete in historic racing worldwide
Designed and built by Chuck Gaa of Gaaco
Lola T600 GTP nose on a purpose built monocoque bonded aluminum chassis
Driven by Bob Akin, Hurley Haywood, Derek Bell, David Cowart and Kemper Miller

This is Bob Akin's famous Le Mans car of 1982. It was one of the wildest Factory Built 935's in this era and was one of the fastest.  Today after a complete restoration this car has been set up to perfection and performs the way Akin dreamed it would. The car has Le Mans history and is now eligible to run the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion.

From 1977 the Porsche 935 was the car to have if you wanted to win IMSA or world championship events, but by 1982 it became very clear that a standard 935 was no longer competitive. The Porsche factory built it's last 935 in 1979, it was left to private teams to develop the cars with more aggressive aerodynamics and chassis.

Bob Akin knew if he wanted to win, he would have to come up with something totally radical for the 1982 season. Akin commissioned Chuck Gaa of Gaaco to design and build a Super GTP 935. To improve aerodynamics and increase the straight-line speed of the new car a Lola T600 GTP nose was used. A new purpose built monocoque bonded aluminum chassis was constructed combining the best of the new GTP technology with the proven power and reliability of the Porsche 935 mechanicals. According tot the rules, the windshield and roof section of a standard Porsche 930 still had to be used. To improve airflow even further the entire roof structure was tilted to put the windshield at a better angle.

Due to it's complexity and novel design, the car was delivered late after the season had already begun. The car made it's debut at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in June. The un-tested car did fairly well. It had tremendous straight line speed but Akin and co drivers David Cowart and Kemper Miller only lasted two hours before a malfunction with the reserve gas tank sidelined the car.

After Le Mans the car was returned to the United States to compete in the remainder of the 1982 IMSA season. After much testing and development the car finished 4th at Mid Ohio with Akin and Hurley Haywood driving and seventh at Road Atlanta with Akin and Derek Bell sharing the driving. At the Daytona final again with Akin and Bell at the wheel, the team experienced tire problems and did not finish.

The car sat in Akins shop until 1999 when Jacques Rivard purchased the car and performed a complete restoration, bringing the car back to better than new condition. All suspension components were crack checked, and new components were used where needed. G&S Autoworks completely rebuilt the engine and transmission. Rivard sorted our and solved all the technical problems Akin had with the car in period, and the chassis was re-engineered and properly set up. It now is one of the most potent 935's in vintage racing.

Canepa completed a full inspection and detail on the car. It is in spectacular condition and is eligible to compete with most all vintage groups in the world, including the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion.

Race History
LeMans 24 Hours, Akin, Cowart, Miller DNF
Mid Ohio, Akin, Haywood 4th
Road Atlanta, Akin, Bell, 7th
Daytona, Akin, Bell, DNF


About Bob Akin

Akin began his racing career in 1957, competing in outboard boat racing and in drag racing in 1957 and 1958. He switched to road racing, acquiring his amateur SCCA national racing license in 1959 and hired legendary sports car racer John Fitch as his driving coach. Proving a quick study, he piloted an Alfa Veloce Spyder to his first win in only his third race at Bridgehampton. He drove a front engine Volpini Formula Junior in 1960, then switched to a 1957 Ferrari 500 TRC for several races during the early part of the 1961 season, before retiring in July of th