Category : Competition Cars
Year : 1926
Engine Size : 1100
Transmission : Manual
Colour : rosso
Fiat 509 SMM compressore


HISTORY of the car
The car FIAT 509 - SMM
frame 32006947
Targa AL 2109
has been registered by our team, "San Secondo Asti" in various events and racing on a national and international level, starting from 1927 to the 40s, with mixed results, as private car.
Our team did not have major economic sources, but it was supported only by our members with a lot of passion, a little money and a lot of competitive spirit.
In the 30s it was upgraded with the installation of a supercharger preparer Fontanella / Prina of Biella Vigliano to increase performance, having regard to the custom of the time.
According to the historical memory of our members and paperwork in our possession, the car participated in 1100 in the category Sport in these competitions piazamenti:

Circuit Flange
Circuit San Remo - Poggio dei Fiori
Circuit Biella - Oropa
Circuit Gran San Bernardo
Circuit of Vercelli
Circuito delle Cascine
Circuit of Varese
Sassi Superga
Circuit of Vigevano
Circuit of Modena
Circuito del Valentino
The previous owners were pilots:
Domenico Guglielminetti
Mario Gambino
Luigi Zo
Carletto Ferrari

The car was later withdrawn by one of the financial backers of the team San Secondo, a nobleman, the Marquis Doria Baldi.
It's been stored for many years in the collection of the aforementioned Marquis in a castle high Monferrato.
In the 2000s it was carried out a restoration and occasionally participated in the rally and some historical re-enactment.

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