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The Colonel's Ferraris Maranello concessionaires racing team /...


The Colonel's Ferraris Maranello concessionaires racing team / Doug Nye / Ampersand

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Doug Nye

164 pages

19cm x 22cm

Winning motor races is never easy. Only a cynic would suggest that by adding all the necessary ingredients - "state of the art" hardware, recognized top-line drivers, enough money - that success was bound to result. There has to be something more, much more. Ask Colonel Ronnie Hoare!
When the Colonel took Maranello concessionaires, the sole UK Ferrari importers, into racing in 1961 he did so with style, real enthusiasm and a sense of fun together, of course, with the latest in racing machinery, to wit the Ferrari 250 GT SWB lightweight; one of Britain's brightest hopes, the charming Mike Parkes; and enough money to fill its tanks with petrol. From that melting pot a successful start was made...
From seven years racing (plus one event in 1972) the Colonel's red Ferraris with the Cambridge blue noses made 92 starts culminating in 24 overall wins, 15 seconds and 27 class wins (totalling 71 finishes) with cars as revered as the GTO, LM, Dino, 330P, 412P and Daytona.
Such glorious days of racing are over. By the end of 1967 the company has done enough. However, at the present time there is a strong revival of interest in that special era. By way of a celebration we present their special story - to salute their most significant and unique part in perhaps the most exciting chapter of Ferrari racing history.

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