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-64 The Cobra Ferrari Wars - Part 1

This is the story of Carroll Shelby, the successful racer and motorcar manufacturer. He obtained a license to import the AC Cobra (more often known as the Shelby Cobra) a successful British Sports racing car manufactured by AC Motors of England, which AC had re-designed at Shelby's request by fitting a Ford V8 to their popular AC Ace sports car in place of its standard Ford Zephyr engine. Shelby, still a racer by heart and with Ford Motor Company backing developed the car into an iconic race winner. Having already succeeded in winning the 24 Heures du Mans with Aston Martin as a driver, he was determined to acheive the same with his Cobra and beat his arch nemesis Enzo Ferrari. Henry Ford was also determined to seek revenge on Ferrari after a failed attempt to buy the company and with that in mind was more than happy to finance the effort. To that end, the Cobra Daytona was conceived and acheived the 'impossible' by beating the Ferrari 250 GTO to win the 1964 event.